Smart Home & IOT

Address & Welcome: Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore
Opening Keynote: Dixons Carphone’s Connected Home Solution
Hear how Dixons Carphone’s connected solution is helping millions of UK homeowners save money and get help when they need it.

Steve Moore, Director of Connected Home, Dixons Carphone

Connected Living – Homes Looking After Us
Wearables can now work in tandem with smart objects and help to manage and improve wellbeing, connect with cars, collaborate utility efforts and improve industry collaboration. But are we well informed enough?

  • Discussion Points:
  • What’s the vision for homes looking after us?
  • Which new services will soon be available?
  • Collaboration between utilities and technology providers
  • Is this a better future overall for us and our planet?

Nicolai Landschultz, Director, Indigozest Ltd

Panel Discussion:

Will Butler, Group Marketing & Innovation Director, ERA Home Security Ltd

Conor Hanley, Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Richard Hepworth, Director, Digital Transformation, PwC

Case Study: Reaching the Mass Market
Until recently the market for smart home systems has been very much an enthusiast's market. With large tech companies making waves with voice-driven products such as Amazon Echo and retailers waking up to the potential of well-priced smart home products this is changing quickly. What are the critical issues in reaching and keeping the mass market consumer?

Colin Howlett, Technical Director, Energenie

10.25am Break
The Dilemma
Are our devices failing to resonate with us as a consumer as we find devices failing to communicate effectively, lack of product compliance knowledge, stopping families talking in the home and not understanding the real benefits?

  • Discussion Points:
  • Innovations that can help reduce/prevent problems in the smart home
  • Product compliance with applicable standards
  • The future for the smart home
  • How to take the smart home services to the mass market

Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore

Panel Discussion:

Jon Carter, UK Head of Business Development - Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom AG

Richard Porter, Head of Smart Home Product & Partnerships, O2

Richard Poate, Senior Manager, TUV SUD

Philipp Schuster, Managing Director, Loxone UK

The Evolution of Location and Accuracy
For connected “things”, the need for location is obvious. However, location without accuracy is meaningless. The challenge is to create a precise and accurate location solution that is light enough to fit on every type of device, big or small.
  • What can accurate location do for you?
  • What does it take to get accurate location on a device?
  • How is location technology evolving?
This talk will focus on the importance of accuracy, the ongoing development of location solutions, and use cases for differentiating your connected “things” with accurate location.

David Bairstow, VP of Product, Skyhook

IOT Home Guide – Home Products & Systems
The IOT has huge potential market. What platforms, technologies and products are being designed to make your home, towns and the cities in which we live smarter?
  • Discussion Points:
  • Which are our favourite products and why?
  • Which technologies will be big changers to the smart home/smart city?
  • Is there a future for IOT smart gadgets in the home?

Nicolai Landschultz, Director, Indigozest Ltd

Panel Discussion:

Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research

Yariella Coello, Head of Consultancy, Profusion

Nick Langston, Senior Manager, Business Development Communications Solutions, TE Connectivity

12.10pm Lunch
Keynote: The Next Wave in Holiday Guest Experience
The Ocean Medallion represents the next generation of wearable technology, with the enormous potential to establish a new cruise industry paradigm. It will launch on Princess Cruises later this year, offering guests an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Tony Roberts, Vice President UK & Europe, Princess Cruises

How IOT Enhances the Shopping Journey for Customers
Are consumers empowered with information that they have gleaned from online sources or are most retailers still unable to meet the needs of their consumers by creating a shopping experience where online and offline intersect?

Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, OpenMarket Ltd

1.55pm Break

PM Sessions: Chaired by Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research
Keynote: Let’s Get Cooking: The Smart Kitchen as the Heart of the Smart Home
As the connected home, wearables and artificial intelligence begin to appear in our lives, the impact will be greatest in the Smart Kitchen. As the centre of family life in the home, the benefits we experience from these emerging technologies and devices will drive adoption throughout the home. In this talk, we’ll explore what the Smart Kitchen of the near future looks like, and how new devices and technologies will emphasise the kitchen’s place as the centre of health and happiness in our lives.

Nick Langston, Senior Manager, Business Development Communications Solutions, TE Connectivity

What if Your House Understood You?
If your hands are busy, or dirty, you can ask a family member to turn on a light, or oven. What if you could talk to your house and appliances?

Dr Timothy Saxe, CTO, QuickLogic

Industrial IoT Requires Fit-For-Purpose Connectivity
The diversity of IoT applications and their requirements, introduces a paradigm shift for connectivity solutions. The ability to flexibly optimize the connectivity solution to the needs of the customer’s business case and application is crucial to the development and growth of IoT based business.
De-centralized, autonomous device networks enable fast and efficient deployment of large-scale industrial IoT and Smart City applications.
Case examples of the benefits of the de-centralized network architecture – New business models enable new ways of working and new services.

Alan Sillito, Head of Wirepas UK

3.15pm Break
Case Study: Connected truck – On the Way to Seamless Transportation
Connectivity and real-time data are transforming today’s world of logistics. Ideally, the connected truck of the future will always be on the road. There’ll be no more paperwork, no accidents and no breakdowns. Logistics involves a network with many different participants. The truck will be the central database in this logistics network finally enabling seamless transportation. Therefore, the requirement is a reliable mobile infrastructure.

With connectivity solutions, we already managed to bring the autonomous truck on the road, realize platooning solutions and offer predictive maintenance services. FleetBoard is our central connectivity unit in our trucks enabling telematics solutions for over 15 years. Now we take digitization to the next level by offering apps and services on an open platform, the FleetBoard App Store. Our objective is to enable fluid logistics with our digital solutions.

Giorgio Corbellini, ICT Expert, Daimler AG

Closing Keynote: Improving Future Cars – The Trends
Do leading companies need to have a better understanding of the needs of their customers to ensure Connected Cars have improved? What top trends ensure this?

Gareth Jones, VP & GM International, Navdy


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