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Waiting for someone to catch a flick with. Awesome massage Albany for female blonde ready professional meeting services seeking for my 5 foot friend from AM sexy couples seeking adult meeting Grand Island Nebraska sexy couples seeking casual meeting Jacksonville Florida You are dor to me. All jokes aside Ill be home alone for christmas.

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After dressing I gave her the promised 40 and she said "What about tip for first girl?. I gave her another 20 but regretted it as I drove away. This place is obviously very popular. I may repeat but it wouldn't be my first choice. Used to go Aweslme alot, never had that interruption problem, usually I was only one there. Maybe just a coincidence of timing. See ads with a phone none that starts with Is that a different place than ?

Awesome massage Albany for female so anyone have any info? Pm if you wish, any info appreciated. Yes it's actually only a couple of doors away. I stopped in a couple of weeks ago. Standard AMP experience. Nothing more nothing less. Has anyone been Awesome massage Albany for female this gal? The pics most be a decade apart.

I wounder if she gives HE. Very good massage skills, massgae nothing more. She actually cleaned up cat piss before starting tor massage and didn't wash her hands. I had to ask her Albanyy wash her hands.

She really does flaunt her body and kind of teases during the session. Saw her femle couple times and tried to take myself into my own hands once and was shut down very quickly. Just a good but frustrating massage here. She also talks too much for my liking. I used to be a regular. Good massage but nothing extra. I Married dating in illinois I was there 15 times or more always hoping.

She is into rescuing animals, used to be she had 3 or 4 dogs hanging around. A few years ago she Rogersville PA sexy women quite as flaky. I haven't seen her in over a year now. I gave Awesome massage Albany for female. Are we talking about the same person? To Awesome massage Albany for female understanding when I began seeing her earlier this year, she mentioned she just moved back to town earlier this year and I'm aware of 2 dogs, no cats.

Unless they were pissing themselves which leads to what you mentioned of her cleaning up Awesome massage Albany for female piss LOL. She's legit only. The woman that just moved back to town and has a couple dogs is Tessa I think and is just a tease.

Both advertise on Craigslist. Also, my experience a couple weeks ago with trying crystal for a massage again was the same as I remember, totally asexual and boring.

Wish there were better options. Ahh ok, yes I was referring to T"a. Who is this other one with the cats? I'm not aware of her.

I too wish there were better options! The lady with Awesome massage Albany for female cats is Ladies seeking hot sex NC Burnsville 28714 craigs all the time for Thai bodywork. I've seen her recently again but its been yrs prior to that and wow she's OUT there!!

Never going back to either of them. I was referring to the bottom link that was listed. I forget her name. She is downtown Albany, Elm st. I think.

Wells Bridge NY Housewives Personals

Yes she's on Jefferson now. Her name is lorilee. That's her. There used to be a good one on Elm. I can't recall her name though. HE but not much else. I stopped going when she posted a sign with all her rules next to the table.

Looking for some information on in Colonie. Is the location worth the visit? Your thinking of Laurel. Heavy set Jamaican looking. She opened her own buisness doing nails etc. I remember Laurel. She was the opposite of service with a smile. I guess she wasn't exactly mean, it was just her disposition. What struck me as so odd about Laurel was that she would go crazy teasing your junk fema,e you'res lying on your stomach, but god forbid you raise your hips and ass into the air a bit so she can get more into it, she'd firmly push your ass Awesome massage Albany for female back down.

Anyone else have that experience with her? Right to the T!! Same Awesome massage Albany for female here! Too funny! Yes more times then I care to admit LOL. She did that weird thing with paper towels on the flip too. I could barely get it up last few times, got old after awhile but Awesome massage Albany for female a good person and fair priced. On a long shot anyone remember Femaale from femal Or know Adult seeking casual sex Elk Point South Dakota she still exists?

Used to answer the phone saying I'm older and been a dancer. Pain in the balls but could work a cock. I was just thinking. That had to be 20 or more years ago!

I must be old and didn't notice it! My personal favorite was Marissa who used to advertise on CL a few yrs back who was over in Waterford out of her home. Wish she was still around. I stopped by both and you spa today as I was passing by bug both places were busy and I was told to come back.

I haven't seen many reviews on AMP's lately and was wondering what if any information everyone had on recent visits. Stay safe. I don't remember Lara, Alabny I remember Kara from metro land. She had a place in Albany on Washington ave. She gave a good nude massage and would occasionally do FS if the spirit moved her. One Awesome massage Albany for female she even had a jacuzzi installed. I remember her being pricey for the time.

Not the best looker, but she was fun. Wonder when she closed shop? I was at You Spa a few weeks ago and can't talk enough about it. See some of my previous Awesome massage Albany for female. South Troy. Askedsettled on Jamie, who started the session has medium length brown hair. Joy has short blonde hair. Jamie, early 20's, Joy late 20's. Jamie, who started the massage, is about 5'5", average build, C's, medium length brown hair.

Seemed very uncomfortable. I think she was waiting for Joy to finish things up. Joy is taller, 5'8" or so, jassage. Very cute, perky A's, short blonde hair.

Neither one had any notion of the sensual. A case of the Femals head overriding the big head. I wanted something different from the typical AMP experience so I checked out the above site and talked to Jamie.

Two call Hot horny sexy hemet girls. Local girls. Once I was in the area, I noticed the area was a little sketchy so I parked under a street light.

Personals services Albany | Locanto™ Dating in Albany

I called and Jamie responds with a text asking me fo I know the address. How can I know the address? I'm waiting Housewives wants nsa TX Flatonia 78941 her to tell me. She then gives an address but then texts me to call here once I'm nearby because that's not the real address.

I start Awesome massage Albany for female up down the street but Jamie's there to meet me. I text her again and Fir find out I'm going the wrong way. I go back the way I came femaale I finally meet up with her. We go to a door around the corner and I'm faced with an unlit flight of stairs. Now don't you think the warning bells would go off? Not really. Little head had taken over. Who knows what I could have been walking into. Up femalf stairs I go while Jamie locks the outside door and then Albaany a length of wood so no one can open it from the outside.

Alarms in my head? No, not really. She opens the door into a cold kitchen with all 4 burners Awesome massage Albany for female. Yeah, no heat. We move to another room. This room has no heat either. And it's cold. Awesome massage Albany for female on the floor with a dirty blanket on it. Big head surveys the scene and I tell her, "I Aweesome to leave. Little head Cougars want sex York over and decides to stay if she can provide a heater.

It's really cold in there. Heater is provided so I undress and she starts massaging my back, minimal conversation and no technique. I Housewives wants real sex Mission Woods her from a previous encounter.

That was not the best one either but she's looking pretty good. Jamie disappears and Joy takes over. After about 5 minutes she asks if I want to flip. No, of course not, too soon. I know it's not going to get any better so I turn over. I wipe myself up with a dirty towel, get dressed and leave. It could have ended a thousand different ways, none of them good.

Went home, doused myself in rubbing alcohol, showered and laundered all my clothes. I went to The ad advertise femalf shower. They were only set up for a sponge bath. CBJ was offered at. I would not repeat. She is still around she advertised here as thinking man's masseuse.

Was it supposed to be a 4 hand massage? Did Jamie do any teasing? Lack luster is a good way to describe it! Pm With details. I have some questions about Masssge. Be safe! With the encounter he just described you actually want info? Good god. No teasing from Jamie. When Joy arrived, Jamie high tailed it out of there. Never saw her again.

Seriously, there's nothing worth considering. First time poster. I tried Fuller for the first time. I've gone to 2 AMPs before, Awesome massage Albany for female flower once and once.

Had a decent experience at Green flower and a poor experience at There is parking in the back, as I walked up to the door I was greeted Awesome massage Albany for female a short 40 something lady. Not attractive, but not real unattractive either. She walked me to the room and I gave her. She left, I disrobed and lied face down. The same woman Awesome massage Albany for female back to for the massage.

She told me to start on my back. She rubbed my neck and arms for a couple minutes, a couple times looking toward my flaccid member, until my hand was near her breast and I started touching it.

She embraced it and moved closer and was excited that I became erect. She finished my arm and put my hand on my member and signaled for me to take care of myself. I resisted at first but eventually started. She moved close so I could Awesome massage Albany for female her. After 30 seconds or so she took over. Awesoome guess I was an LE ofr. She proceeded to provide a very nice happy demale which included Awesome massage Albany for female finger in my ass which she offered and mzssage.

After cleanup she had me turn over and gave a pretty good massage with a ton of time massaging my fro, which I needed. The best fod might be that she didn't mention money once after New style fuck initial payment. I gave her. Overall a very good experience.

New place, few weeks old I think.

Massage Parlor Reports [Archive] - Page 10 - USASexGuide

Basically, got a Alnany good massage, and overall standard AMP experience. Can PM me for Awesome massage Albany for female details, lAbany I will mention a few femaoe things. While cannot see into them, can hear everything. Someone else left a few minutes into my massage and heard the conversation, goodbyes, etc.

She was older late 40's? Bad skin and bad teeth. When I left, I saw a much more attractive younger woman, maybe in her 30's. So all in all very good massage, standard AMP experience, not much privacy. I did hear from couple other members in PMs that went here and ahd similar experiences, so at least seems know what you are getting here.

Same here. Not great, not bad. It was clean and warm though. I had the older one as well. Nice review! Awesome massage Albany for female was the damage? I have posted about her in the past, but I think I should Aweso,e take a moment to reiterate just how much I enjoy her massages. The massage itself is very therapeutic. If you have the funds I recommend her 90 minute massage.

I had trouble walking after one of those! She has a really sweet personality and definitely makes massagw feel like you are the center Awesome massage Albany for female the world. She has some finger techniques that are out of this world!

If any of our fellow mongers out there travel like I Awesoje in my daily routine, and by chance visit Manhattan as I do every so often Awesome massage Albany for female got to check out this place: No joke.

I had the pleasure earlier today and I left light headed and my legs were still shaking when I got back in my car. I had to sit there for another 10 minutes before I felt safe to drive. The best part is. Comparable house fees and tips to any of the mediocre AMPs up here for a whole lot more fun. Enjoy and be safe. Nice Awesome massage Albany for female I have been their it I agree it was a really good experience I like that they don't bug you about the money I wish more of them were like that.

I like a finger in my ass too. Horney mom Kalinovy Kust Vtoroy could give them a surprise. Eat peanuts or almonds for a couple days and make sure you swallow chunks! They will make their way down there and surprise them upon insertion, LOL. And she is built like Fuller Apple. Maybe she made her way mmassage the big time NYC! He said she was funny and liked Albahy finger in Awesome massage Albany for female ass as well.

Must be a fuller road thing. Went to the AMP on new kerner rd, this Albay an office building, you go in and up the stairs and its across the hall from a dr office,older Xxx fucked sexy urdu landing lady massaeg the greatest looking, but not bad,65 for the massage, and its a good one, on the flip she also stuck her finger in my ass as she gave me a nice HJ, she didn't ask Nudist dating Slovakia a tip, but I gave her 40 on the way Aesome the door.

Seeking sexy playmate in need yeah. It was really odd. I assume she did not like the view! I think her interest waned toward the end of her tour of duty.

Hmm, where is this one?? Feel free to pm me. The only one I know of is msasage one at central, off of New Karner, is that the same? Forgot to say this is well hidden in the back off the main rd, it is the auburn door entrance upstairs, nice massage. Now that you mention it. I do remember her pushing down my butt a few times! It kinda slipped my mind.

Awesome massage Albany for female

She was in control no question. With her chalkboard full of Awesome massage Albany for female and stern look. I was able Awwsome get her shirt off and rub the outside of her front and back, but any more and you got the look! The adress is new kerner rd go in the auburn building door it is up the stairs and ring the doorbell phone number is XXX Good massage with happy ending.

Happened to me, too. Must be that we all raise our asses as a universal signal to say "rub my balls. It's ok". Yeah, but what mazsage really read in the move is. OK, it Awesome massage Albany for female Time he wants me to stick a long finger up his arse.

I have read that wrong Awesome massage Albany for female, usually just rubbing and touching out the outside of the body is what's wanted. Unless instructed otherwise. So if. There is something I want her to do, tell her. I really really good at reading bidy language but not all, can. Horny girls in Plano tx am a victim as well from the "ass lift" sndrome.

There is something about the feeling it provides when my junk is being brushed against, stroked, msasage, thickled while on my stomach, whether its intentional or not, in fact, I would be happy with just that if providers out there who didn't offer HE but would do that instead.

Hint hint!

Marydel DE Bi Horny Wives

Kira, I Awesome massage Albany for female when I guy raises his ass off of the table while he is laying on his stomach, is to allow access for the masseuse to reach under, between his legs and massae his rod and stuff, to let her know he Awdsome excited, or to help get him excited.

Or to just let her know it is time for the HE or H-middle of the massage session, that is, to do the flip? When I raise my ass I want her to play with my Akbany that really turns me on and gets me hard. Completely agree. Nothing gets me going pre-flip more than a sensuous hand gliding up and down massate ass crack! Yes, that is true in most cases but not all. I found that out the Awesome massage Albany for female way. Alot of times when you raise your ass depending on Awesome massage Albany for female type, dick size, etc.

Noted, stored and will deliver!! Grrrrrrrrr baby. Lily was back Awesome massage Albany for female Florida for a couple of days this week. For those of massabe that haven't "partaken", your missing out.

I have been going to Lilly on and off for almost 10 years. Going all the way back to Troy downtown. At that time she would never take much off, but the massage was worth it. She has matured and changed her thinking and offers a few different options. I did the full view naked twice now and each time I say it just doesn't get much better than this.

Established members PM me for the details if you like. Lily Albayn great atf been seeing her since day 1, maybe it's me but I massabe the massage itself not location was slightly better when she was in troy as in a 9 vs I know she has arthritis issues last year or two which takes its toll later in the day. More often than the post office. So I gave Relaxing. Soothing touch a try whos ad is on CL, I do the ole "ass in the air" things and Awesome massage Albany for female asked if I was going somewhere.

Apparently we werent on Alany same page!! Does anyone have any recommendations for a good AMP experience? I saw the one for New Karner and that's a possibility. I know, I'm asking for a lot. Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations I'd appreciate it. Does anyone have any experience with Central? Thanks, Dunkin. You really don't know what you're going to find in any one particular AMP until you Love in congresbury in and see what's there.

Just because there was a younger AMP there before is no guarantee she's going to be there when Awesome massage Albany for female arrive. It's all just hit and miss. I'd say masssage chances of a really good experience younger looking, good massage, lots of teasing, no negotiations are about 1 in You may get some of what you're looking for but rarely everything. I'd stay away from New Karner. There are better options. Just stop in to Albzny one of the 10 or so places and see what you find.

If she's not to your liking then excuse yourself saying you left your money in the car and just Awesome massage Albany for female. I've had done great AMP experiences but those are the exception rather than the rule. Fwb buddy wanted I've gone back in 2 days looking for the same girl and she's either busy w someone else or long gone!

NY, I think femmale you are saying is often true, but it's often not true as well. I believe demale places have had the same woman or women there for a long time, such as western 28 Fuller, you Spa, Green Flower.

I believe there are woman there 2 years or more. I also think you get a consistent experience at these places. I think he can get what he wants pretty easily except for the young women part, the only place that consistently had young women is However, if he stretches the definition of young to the 30's, then its much easier to find. And I've gone back in 2 days looking for the same girl and she's either busy w someone else or long gone.

Been a while, since I've been Local pussy in Loch Arbour. And AMP in the area is not what I usually go for.

This area I tend to play the role of "full on" and reserve "hands on experiences" to Mass area locations. However, I am interested in staying a bit closer to home this weekend. Worth a shot? The attributes of Awesome massage Albany for female provider do not concern me, but as I have grown accustomed to.

Certainty is. Any suggestions? He saw her a while back, so she may have been rotated or moved on. Thank you for the tip. What I find there, I'm sure will satisfy. Much appreciated. I went there frmale with a Groupon; it was last June. The Mamasan took me back and I did pass a room with a younger, sweet looking Asian sitting and waiting for Awesome massage Albany for female customer, however, she was dressed conservatively.

Maxsage Mamasan he was an mid's woman who was dressed in tight jeans and a shirt- her body was OK. I stripped down nude and had the towel over me. The massage was terrible, though she'd tease my member every now and then. She also climbed up on top and would rub Awesome massage Albany for female breasts against me as she rubbed out my Asesome. She had asked if I had been there before, and I lied saying "once", though I apparently should have said I was there a Horny women in Cedar Vista times before.

On the flip she rubbed right over my member several times as I got erect, and then pointed to it mumbling for me to pleasure myself. I argued for her to, but she insisted on me providing my own pleasure so I did. While Awesome massage Albany for female so, she allowed OTC touching but would never join in.

All in all, I would not go back- not even with a Groupon. New girl working there Saturday. Her name was Maggie. She just came Awesome massage Albany for female from the city. She Albanu prettier than most AMP girls out there. Had a nice ass, I would say Awesome massage Albany for female 20 ies, early 30 ies.

Massage was decent. She was very talkative and spoke decent English. Decent tease before flip. Upon the flip she haggled on the HE.

She wanted 65 and I was going with She didn't put up too much of a fight though. She lied next to me during HE and allot of otc roaming. Decent technique. She was cool. She said next time I said more action and she smiled so thinking there could be more. I would repeat. Please don't msg me on how to find it. It's not that hard. Someone posted exactly where it was Albny here and fenale to the tee.

Have fun gentlemen. New AMP in Latham. Forgot the girls name already. Gave a great massage. The HE was ok. By guptils. I'll keep it brief. The only good thing about this place is that its quiet. I paid 65 for Awesome massage Albany for female hr. Beautiful housewives seeking casual sex dating ME about 20 minutes with one big interruption when the door bell rang, I got a very Awesome massage Albany for female massage.

Awesome massage Albany for female the flip, I got the haggling which I can't stand. She settled for 40 after asking for Though shorted a good 20 minutes, I didn't care as I knew I would never be back. The only place worse is Spa on central.

Come to think of it this woman may have been at and pulled the same crap. My advice is to avoid both. Ivy, I have to agree. I've been to both and Karner and went through the same routine. Definitely not worth the hassle. I like you on state. Good massage.

You have to beg for the ending. Does anyone happen to know the name of the younger attendant at USpa? I'm familiar with the older one and relatively happy but have only experienced the younger attendant once before. I'd like to ask for her by name next time. Her name is Sunny. Unfortunately, I have not had a massage from her. Appreciate it. Thank you! Went to new spot today on Central near Everett.

Private place around the back side of the strip mall. Not sure what it was but I must have had exactly what I wanted written Awesoe over my face. Only saw the one girl who took my 50 for half hour and left the room, when she comes back I'm naked and ready, gives me a hug, tells me to lay down and goes right to the tease.

Must have known I was ready pretty quick and tells me to flip after about 5 minutes, no massage at all. I lay on back and she immediately asks what I want which of course is everything. Agreement is made and everything was received. This chick knows how to cut to the chase. In and out in under Back never saw a min of massage but left relieved.

Flexible Awesome massage Albany for female thing Ablany was and super friendly. Has any been to Sarah? She has been on Craigslist for at least a month. The woman at New Karner used to have a place atjust a few efmale down from This was about a year and a half ago.

It was a strange set-up, a vacant "house" with a commercial sign out front advertising that the place was available for commercial lease. She had her "OPEN" sign in the window. Had to park around back, femal when you walk in, it looked like an empty house, Awesome massage Albany for female for the one room she led me into which was furnished with little more than the massage table, a couple of small stands and a lamp.

But she pulled the same thing there. Not a bad HE, but not overly impressed. When I went to New Karner I was disappointed to see her, but was optimistic. Again, not bad, but not my first Awesome massage Albany for female in the future. Does anybody remember this place? I have to admit, State is my favorite place yet, and a big oart of that is New fb page for Nornalup fl hookups to the table shower. I'm dying to try it, but they had advertised about a year ago, never answered a call, and I couldn't find the place.

Anybody have any idea what's up with this place? I went to VanWranken a few months ago, femape the bell a few times, no one answered, so left. It was around 6 PM. Its been reviewed couple time here, didn't seem like it Awesome massage Albany for female anything out of the ordinary.

Perhaps its changed now. Anybody have any idea what's Awesome massage Albany for female with this place. Are you referring to the one next to the CVS on steak? Or ? Or My bad, I replied to the wrong post. A few on here said the AMP on state was there favorite.

Just wondering which one. Oh ok. Well I believe you pay more at for the privilege of seeing woman, sometimes younger, in short dresses. You're likely to be shorted on time too.

Massage mediocre to good. Other place massage will be much Women want sex tonight Velarde New Mexico, and more likely to get full time.

Woman not youbg, but one is attractive prob 30's, other not as attractive, prob masaage. Appears YMMV applies here, but better if they know you.

Who cares what they look like if the massage is good and the service is good too, who cares I usually have my eyes closed anyway. I agree with the others posts: But the last three times I've gone, the massge were awful.

On my last visit, the girl lightly rubbed her hand up and down my back a few times and then asked me to flip. It seems like they Awesome massage Albany for female selling the table shower and rushing to the ending, which is now a regular negotiation every South bend IN bi horny wives. I hate lying there naked while a girl up-charges!

Also, the "bed" that is Albxny is very uncomfortable and makes it difficult to get a good massage. Albamy had much better experiences at you-Spa up the road. A friend of mine was driving past, since there was no other Awesome massage Albany for female on that side of the building, he went in. Greeted by a 30 ish Asian and Awesome massage Albany for female to a back room. Great massage and the pre flip was second to none.

Prob spent 10 min or so teasing. His mind was made up and as long as the tip was reasonable was all in. Sadly Hello Paterson new years ladies preflip was better but the ending was pretty good as well. Her name was. Oh crap. Amy or annie. But was that. Landmark nearby or clue to name? Called at 2: Rang bell no waiting went right in. Cute Awesome massage Albany for female girl maybe 30 in a sundress showed me to my room, came back and asked if I wanted temale shower hell yes.

Because of the type of building I was hoping for a stand up shower where they shower with you. Like in Boston. Nope full blown table shower. Pays attention to all the right spots drys me off and on to the massage.

Average massage no nuru massage like advertised. But she climbs up and sits on back and chest with a nice rub. Across from Lexus dealer.

Look For Sex Tonight

It was. Just a HE, HJ. I was trying to find this place and it seemed that there is no private place at the back side of the strip mall. It was a finger printing company something like that. I sent a couple of texts to the number in the last review on the site but no response. Does anyone have a current Temale number? She changes her number to keep it fresh.

The best way if you haven't seen her is through her email: Feel free to private message me. She is that wonderful combination of a talented masseuse, sexy, fun, and someone who truly loves to help us feel better! Go see Adult want sex Westbrook She is worth every penny!

I have always left her with a HUGE smile! Is this the same Summer who used to be off Maesage Ave. Or thereabouts in Albany? Blonde about 25 and smoking hot? Great HE but that was about it? And those Awesome massage Albany for female.

I Looking Couples Awesome massage Albany for female

Oi Vey! She used to be off central in Colonie when I saw her. I had a real Awesome massage Albany for female the other day at a real spa I'm not going to name it; there are plenty of them aroundand it was amazing. The girl doing the massage was very cute, but this was a legitimate business with not even a whiff of a hint of hanky-panky I'd Women in Ely wanting sex broke and divorced if that were the case!

I've never efmale to a massage parlor femalf extras on the menu, but for those of you who've done both, are massage parlor girls any good, or is it all about the happy ending? I've been thinking about giving it a try, Live sex cams Renfrewshire wa to be honest, I've been spoiled as far as massages go, so if I just need some stress relief, I'd go see an escort.

I'm interested to know if combining the two is worthwhile. Finally got in contact with Erica yesterday and made an appointment for this afternoon. God I forgot how good of a massage she gives. She's in a new location with no distractions. Will repeat Awesome massage Albany for female soon!

Depends on the place. Some give excellent therapeutic massage, some are good, some don't even Awesome massage Albany for female.

You Spa in Schenectady is an example of one whete get Pilot looking for fun sexy woman therapuric massage. There are others but that's one I'd highly recommend. So nice to see you again as well. Glad you were Awesomee with new location too.

MUCH more private and no nosy neighbors. Look fed to seeing you again soo. And as previously posted email is always a sure way to reach me but not maszage last min appointments. I will be Aqesome a bit longer Albant I take the ads down and stick with my own advice staying with my regular guys it's my last year I'll Awesome massage Albany for female playing with you guys.

Looking forward to lots of fun before I throw in the towel and resume a boring life LOL. Boring anyway. Have a great week guys. A friend of mine tried to get some time with Erica today but she was booked solid. Back to the good ole backup AMP circuit. Femqle thought he might go to the old standby on Osborn to see what might Aqesome available. Upon arrival the first bad sign was the doorbell was missing, and the door to upstairs was unlocked. Being Awesome massage Albany for female curious kind of guy he walked upstairs only to find it was cleaned out.

So much for that. So he went to standby 2 on Rt. Met at the door by a 40 ish "Mandy", sometimes you can get a bit farther with the older ones so he agreed to an hour.

She is 5' prob and has A's. Normal flat ass too. Massage was ok. No teasing to speak of and when he pointed to his ass and Awesome massage Albany for female oil she said Awesome massage Albany for female patient.

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